Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

whole frame; in the {ire of his eyes, the dis- 
tention of his nostrils, and in the rapid motion 
of his feet, yielding to the guidance of his rider, 
or in the speeding of his course: they are, 
therefore, in perfect unison with the life in 
each. At this moment of their animation, they 
appear to have been turned into stone by some 
majestic power, and not created -iby the human 
hand. The single head of the horse, in the 
same collection, seems as if it had, by the same 
iniiuence, been struck into marble, when he was 
exerting all the energy of his motion. 
"These admirable sculptures, which now adorn 
our city, -are the union of Athenian genius and 
philosophy, and illustrate my meaning respect- 
ing the mental impression which is so essentially 
to be given to works of -refined .-art. It was this 
point which the Grecian philosophers wished to 
impress on the minds of their sculptors, not to 
follow their predecessors the Egyptians in 
sculpture, who represented their iigures without 
motion, although nearly perfect in giving to 
them the external form. ' It is the passions,' 
said they, ' with which man is endowed, that 
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