Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

1 4.5 
all the expenditures that ever were bestowed in 
making them. Did the habits of our domestic 
circumstances, like those of Itely, permit the 
ingenious student to have access to those Works 
of established masters, procured by the spirit of 
their noble and wealthy possessors, and of many 
distinguished amateurs on the most liberal terms, 
and with the honourable purpose of forming the 
taste, as well as enriching the treasures, of the 
country, every thing would then be done, which 
is wanting to complete the public beneit of 
such collections, and the general gratitude to 
which they who have made them would be 
entitled. S0 abundant are the accomplished 
examples in art already introduced among us, 
that there would then be no necessityt for 
students to run to other countries for those 
improvements which their own can furnish.  
" It cannot Lbe improper at any time to make 
-these remarks; while it must alse be observed, 
that the patronage held forth by many great 
rand noble characters needs no s_'pur; and the 
means projected by -other spirited individuals 
in opulent stations, for extending and perpem.


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