Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

nor could those collections 
been made from 
have filled so many galleries 
cabinets elsewhere. 
" These facts are not to be denied; but they 
also lead us to another lesson, which is, that the 
patronage so generally dispensed was for the 
protection of living genius, and that they by 
Whom it was so dispensed sought no other 
collections than the Works of native and living 
artists. On any other ground there can be no 
such thing as patronage. Nothing else is 
worthy of that name. The true and generous 
patron of great works selects those which are 
produced by the talents existing around 
By collecting from other countries, he 
greatly enrichk himself, but can never 
celebrity to the country in which he lives. 
encouragement extentled to the genius of a 
single artist, though it may produce but lone 
original work, adds more to the celebrity of a 
people, and is a higher proof of true patriotic 
ardour, and of a generous love for the progress 
of art, than all the collections that ever were 
made by the productions of other countries, 


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