Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

view of their system. Where is there 'g1'eater 
science concerned than in the whole theory of 
colours? It employed the investigation of 
Newton; aiid shall that pass for a common or 
easy attainment which took up so muchiof his 
profound studies? The Venetian masters had 
been long Working their way to the radical 
principles of this science, not only for a just 
and perfect arrangement of their colouring, but 
for that clear and transparent system in the use 
of it, which have equally marked that school in 
the days of its maturity under Titian. He it 
was who established, on unerring principles, 
founded on nature and truth, that accomplished 
system which John Bellini had first laboured to 
discover, and in which Giorgioni had made 
further advancements. Besides his zeal in his 
profession, Titian was born in that higher rank 
of life which might be supposed to give him an 
easier access to the elegant studies of philosophic 
science; and he had prosecuted, with great 
ardour, the science of chemisty, the better to 
understand the properties of colour, their homo- 
geneous blendings, purity, and duration; as 
well as the properties of oils, gums, and other


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