Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

well suited, inasmuch as they were intended to 
convey the comparative views of theology and 
human science, or, in other words, the improve- 
ment of the human mind arising from the two 
great sources of national wisdom and revealed 
light. It must not also be forgotten, that while 
the spirit of the age was warming his mind to 
the peculiar dignity of theme and style which 
marks his works, the generbus and noble pa- 
tronage of the papal court was exerting its 
utmost power to immortalise him, and every 
other great master that arose -Within the circle 
of its iniiuence. Their, merit and their fame 
found as animated a protector in Leo X. as 
Phidias experienced in Pericles, or Apelles in 
Alexander the Great.  
" As the Florentine and Roman schools were 
thus gradually refined in the excellence of de- 
sign and character, by the aid of philosophical 
studies; so the Venetian masters were equally 
indebted to the like studies, Without Which, 
they would never have reached their admirable 
system of colouring. If any have conceived 
otherwise, they have taken a very Superficial 
14 It 


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