Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

the same truth and perfection in the Capella 
Sestina by Michael Angelo, in the Supper by 
Leonardo da Vinci at Milan, in the Cartoons by 
Raphael, the St. Peter Martyr by Titian, and 
the Note by Correggio. 
" Having mentioned the iigure on Monte 
Cavallo, representing, as you all know, a young 
man curbing a; horse, I cannot help stoppingtto 
remark, that if any work of sculpture ever" 
demonstrated more strongly the value of uniting 
philosophic science with that of art, for the 
production of character, it is that work by 
Phidias. -Never did the power of art express 
more evidently than is done in the head of the 
young man, that every feature is moved by an 
internal mental power, and corresponds in the 
most perfect truth with what we see to be the 
labouring passion. When we view it in front We- 
are astonished that the mouth does not speak. 
N0 observer ever thinks that the head is a block 
of stone. But the whole group is masterly on 
the most refined principles of science. It was- 
intended to be seen -at an elevated point, as 
well as at a distant one. All its forms, there-


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