Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

and mind, which put him at the head of the 
animal creation,  and, therefore, Without that 
soul and mind, the form of man was degraded. 
This observation touched 
I) oint, 
necessary to be obviated, in order to overcome 
the primitive rudeness which still attached to 
sculpture; and without the application of the 
principle contained in the observation, Sculpture 
and painting too might have stood still for ages.- 
And from what other source than the principles 
of philosophic study, or, in other words, from 
reflection on the moral powers or passions of 
man, their several eifects, as produced in their 
workings on the human figure, could that im- 
provement be obtained? It was the constant 
employment of the philosophic mind, to study 
those causes and effects, and to reduce themito 
a more distinct display for the truth and utility 
of their own writings. The philosophers were, 
therefore, the most likely to assist the artist in 
those displays of character which tended to illus- 
trate the truth of hislown works. Nor on this 
account is it any disparagement to the artists of 
those days, when philosophic studies were con.


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