Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

ficence of the Old VVorld. With all these delight- 
ful indications of a better order of things, society 
in Pennsylvania retained, at this time, many of 
those respectable prejudices which give a vene- 
rable grace to manners, and are regarded by the 
practical philosopher as little inferior in dignity 
to the virtues. William Penn was proud of his 
distinguished parentage, and many of his friends 
traced their lineage to the antient and noble fa- 
milies of England. In their descendants the pride 
of ancestry was so tempered with the meekness of 
their religious tenets, that it lent a kind of patri- 
archal dignity to their benevolence. In beautiful 
contrast to the systematic morality of the new in- 
habitants, was the simplicity of the Indians, who 
mingled safe and harmless among the Friends ; 
and in the annual visits which they were in the 
practice of paying to the Plantations, they raised 
their huts in the fields and orchards without 
asking leave, nor were they ever molested. Vol- 
taire has observed, that the treaty which was con- 
cluded between the Indians and William Penn 
was the first public contract whigh connected 
the inhabitants of the Old and New World toge- 
ther, and, though not ratified by oaths, and


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