Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

He should accustom himself to-- sketch every 
thing, especial]-y what is rare and singular in 
nature. Let nothing of the animate creation 
on the earth, or in the air, or in the water, pass 
you unnoticed; especially those which are dis- 
tinguished for their picturesque beauty,_ or re- 
markable for dignity of form or elegance of 
colour. Fix them distinctly in your sketch- 
book and in your memory. Observe, with the 
same contemplative eye, the landscape, the ap- 
pearance of trees, figures dispersed around, and 
their aerial distance, as well as lineal forms. In 
this class of observations, omit not to observe 
the light and shade, in consequence of the sun's 
rays being intercepted by clouds _or other acci- 
dents. Besides this, let your mind be familiar 
with the characteristics of the ocean; mark its 
calm dignity -when undisturbed by the winds, 
and all its various states between that and its 
terrible sublimity when agitated by the tempest. 
Sketch with attention its foaming and winding 
ooasts with distant land, and that awful line 
which separates it from the Heavens. Re. 
plenished with these stores, your imagination 
will then come forth as a river, collected from


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