Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

sued the same course of study, and were in the 
full possession of their powers very young. 
Vandjvke, before he was twenty years old, as- 
sisted Reubens in his greatest Works; and on a. 
certain oceasion, when the pupils of Reubens 
were amusing themselves in the absence of their 
master, one of them happened to fall against 
" the Mother," in the Descent from the Cross, 
which Vandyke repaired in a manner so ad- 
mirable, that _when the painter came next to 
the picture, he expressed himself surprised at 
the excellence of his own work, and said, that 
he thought he had not done that arm so well. 
In a Word, wherever we find the executive 
power high at an early age,-whether in painting 
or sculpture, "We have an assurance of future 
excellence, which nothing but indolence can pre- 
vent. ,An-d, to, give that early facility correct- 
ness of execution, remember and pursue the 
great maxim of Apelles  V"  
Nulla dies, 
sine linea. 
 " The young artist may, indeed, draw lines every 
day aqd every hou__r with advantage, whether it_ 
"be to  himself in society -or in the fields,


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