Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

and have carried many to attempt essays of 
research and learning, before they were well 
grounded in the principles of professional prac- 
tice. What other consequences can follow from 
such a course, but that the student will turn in. 
discontent from his own productions, because 
they fall short of the ideas in his mind; and in- 
duce him, perhaps, to abandon, with disgust, a 
profession in which he might have shone with 
distinction, had he taken a right method of cul- 
tivating his own powers! 
" The great masters were all at an early age 
great in the mechanical department of their art, 
before they established any name by their phi- 
losophical style and character. Michael Angelo, 
when a mere youth, modelled and drew in a 
manner which astonished his own master. 
Raphael, at not more than nineteen years of 
age, rivalled, his instructor, Pietro Perugino, in 
his executive. talent; and, owing to this, he was 
enabled, at the age of only twenty-five, to send 
-forth his two great works, the Dispute on the 
Sacrament, and the School Qf Athens. Guido, 
Bernini, and many others of the first class, pur- 
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