Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

appears, or the ground which 
prismatic colours.  
best exhibits the 
" In acquiring a practical knowledge of the 
happiest manner of distributing your colours 
according to nature, it will assist you, if you 
will copy with attention some pieces of Titian, 
Correggio, Reubens, and Vandyke; the masters 
in whose works you will most eminently End. the 
system pursued, which I have endeavoured to 
illustrate by the simple image of the ball. 
'4 Having passed from the antique school, to 
that in which you draw after the living iigure, 
still adhere to that scrupulous exactness of 
-drawing with which you first set out; marking 
with precision the divisions of the figure. After 
you have made yourselves acquainted -with the 
drawing of the living figure, you must then 
begin to enlarge your lines, and to give softness 
and breadth, to direct your attention to What 
constitutes style and character, and to discrimi. 
constitutes manner. 
nate these from what 
-66 TO 


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