Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

its features taken in three points of view, front, 
back, and profile; the neck in like manner, 
also thethorax, abdomen, and pelvis; thigh, 
knee, leg, ankle, the carpus, metacarpus, and 
toes; the clavicula, arm, fore-arm, wrist, 
carpus, metacarpus, and fingers. While you 
are employed on these, it would be highly 
proper to have before you the osteology of the 
part on which you are engaged, as in that 
consists the foundation of your pursuit. And, 
in this period of your studies, I recommend 
that your drawings be geometrical, as when you 
draw and study a column with its base and 
capital. At the same time you should not 
neglect to gain a few points in perspective, 
particularly so far as to give effect to the square 
and cylinder, in order to know what constitutes 
the vanishing point, and point of distance, in the 
subject you are going to draw. 
" After you have perfected yourselves in the 
._parts of the figure, begin to draw the Greek 
figures entire, with the same attention to  
rectness as when you drew the divisions in 
your earlier lessons. Attend to the perspective


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