Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Neptune, Hercules, Vulcan, Mars, and Pluto"; 
the Apollo, Mercury, Hymen, and Cupid, and 
also. in the goddesses Juno, Minerva, Venus, 
Hebe, the Nymphs and Graces; appeared a 
vast discrimination of character, at the same 
time as true an individuality as if the different 
forms had been the works of Nature herselfl 
" In your progress through that mechanical 
part of your professional education, which is 
directed to the acquisition of a perfect know- 
ledge of the human figure, I recommend to 
you a scrupulous exactness in imitating what 
is immediately before you, in order that you 
may acquire the habit of observing with precision 
every object that presents itself  to your sight. 
Accustom yourselves to draw all the deviations 
of the figure, till you are as much acquainted 
with them as with the alphabet of your own 
language, and can make them with as much 
facility as your letters"; for they are indeed the 
letters and alphabet of your profession, whether 
it be painting or sculpture.  
consist of 


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