Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

distinctions ? 
pprticoes of palaces, public halls, or places of 
amusement, the skins of animals devoted to the 
rites of the pagan religion, or vases consecrated 
to the ashes of the dead, or the tears of the 
living? _Vio1ations of sense and character, in 
this respect, are daily committed. We might, 
with as much propriety, adorn the friezes of 
our palaces and theatres with the skulls and 
cross thigh-bones of the human figure, which 
are the emblems of death in every country 
throughout modern Europe ! 
" I do not here allude to any particular 
work, nor do I speak of this want of principle 
as general. It is indeed impossible that I can 
be supp0sed_ to mean the latter; for we have 
among us men distinguished in the profession of 
architecture, who would do honour to the most 
refined periods of antiquity. But all are not 
equally chaste; and in addressing myself to the 
young, it is my duty to guard them against 
those deviations from good taste, which, without 
such a caution, they might conceive to  be 
sanctioned by some degree of examplew It is


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