Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

his enquiries, he will find that the ornaments of 
temples and mausolea, may be traced back to the 
periods of emblematic art, and become convinced 
that the spoils of victims, and instruments of 
sacriiice, were appropriate ornaments of the 
temple; While urns, containing the ashes of the 
dead, and the tears of the surviving frien.Lls, were 
the invariable decorations of the ITl2l.UlSGi8UlI1. 
The good taste of the classic ancients prevented 
them from ever intermixing the respective 
emblems of different buildings, or rather, in 
their minds custom preserved them from falling 
into such an incongruous error, as to place the 
ornaments belonging to the depositaries of the 
dead on triumphal arches, palaces, and public 
oflices. They considered in the ornaments the 
character and purpose of the edifice; and they 
would have been ashamed to have thought it 
possible that their palaces might be mistaken 
for mausolea, or their tombs for the mansions of 
-A" Is the countrylin which we live free from 
the absurdities which confound these necessary


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