Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

KI As the 
fbundation of those philosophical 
said Mr. West, " on which the 
whole power of 
must rest, 
I wish 
the attention of the student, especially in paint- 
ing and sculpture, to an early study of the 
human figure, with reference to proportion, 
expression, and character. 
" When I speak of painting and sculpture, it 
is not my intention to pass over architecture, as 
if it were less dependent on philosophical 
principles, although what I have chiefly to 
observe with respect to it relates to embellish- 
branch of art 
apt to regard as not under the controlrof any 
principle, but subject only to their own taste 
and fancy. If the young architect commences- 
his career with this erroneous notion,. he will be 
undone, if there is any just notionsof his art 
in the country._ 
" It is, therefore, necessary, as he derives 
his mcdels from the ancients, that he should 
enquire into the origin of those embellishments 
with which the architects of antiquity decorated


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