Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Discourse to the Academy in 1797.  On the Principles qf 
Painting anal Sculpture.-Of Embellishments in Archi- 
tecture. - Of the Taste qf the Ancients.-Errors qf the 
Moderns.  Of the good Taste qf the Greehs in Appropri- 
ations qf Character to their Statues.- On Drawing.- 
 Light and Shade.- Principles qf Colouring in Paint- 
ing.-Illustration.-- Of the Warm and Cold Colours.-- 
Of Copying jine Pictures.- Qf C'0m_position--- On the 
Benefits to be derived from Sketching;  and qf the Advan- 
tage qf being familiar with the Characteristics qf Objects in 
IN the discourse which Mr. West deliveredfrom 
the chair of the Academy in 1797, he resumed 
the subject which he had but slightly opened, 
in that of which the foregoing chapter contains 
the substance. I shall therefore endeavour in 
the same manner, and as correctly as I can, to 
present a view of the mode in which he treated 
his argument, and as nearly as possible in his 
dwn language.


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