Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

ticipate in the general vigour and"agi1iiy of the 
Apollo Belvidere ? 
" Were the young artist, in like manner, to" 
propose to himself a subject"in which he would 
endeavour to represent the peculiarexcellences 
of woman, would he not say, that these excel- 
lences consist in a virtuous mind, a. modest 
mien, a tranquil deportment, and a gracefulness 
in motion? And, in embodyingthe combined 
beauty of these qualities, would he not bestow on  
the figure a general, smooth, and round fulness  
of form, to indicate the. softness of character  
bend the head gently forward, in the common 
attitude of modesty; and awaken our ideas of 
the slow and graceful. movements peculiar to 
the sex, by limbs free from that masculine and 
sinewy expression which is the consequence of 
active exercise?-ands such is the Venus de 
Medici. It would be utterly impossible to 
place a person so formed in the attitude of the 
Apollo, without destroying-N" all those amiable 
and. gentlepassociations of the mind which are 
H 3


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