Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

beauty and fitness of its parts, and of the cor- 
respondence between the emotions of the mind 
and the actions of the body, he will find himself 
in possession of all that Zeuxis sought for in the 
graces of the different beau_tiful women whom 
he collected together, that he might be enabled 
to paint a proper pictnre of Helen; and it is 
the happy result of this knowledge which we 
see in the Apollo Belvidere and the Venus de 
Medici, that renders them so valuable as objects 
of studyQ 
V" But the student must be always careful to 
distinguish between objects of study and objects 
of imitation ; for the works which will best im.- 
prove his taste and exalt his imagination, are 
precisely those which he should least endeavour 
to imitate; because, in proportion to their ap, 
propriate excellences, their beauties are limited 
in their application,  
" The Apollo is represented by the mythol- 
logists as a perfect man, in the vigour of life; 
tall, handsome and animated; his locks rising 
and Heating on the wind; accomplished in mind


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