Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

of a commercial and refined people, that if 
ought to be regarded among the mere operative 
classes of society as a primary object in the 
education of their apprentices. Indeed, it may 
be confidently asserted, that an artizan, ac- 
customed to an accurate discrimination of 
outline, will, more readily than another not 
educated with equal care in that particular, per- 
ceive the fitness or defects of every species of 
mechanical contrivance; and, in consequence, 
be enabled to suggest expedients which would 
tend to enlarge the field of invention. We can 
form no idea to ourselves how many of the 
imperfections in the most ingenious of our 
machines and engines would have been obviated, 
had the inventors been accustomed to draw with 
" But, to the student of the fine arts, this,im- 
portant branch of edrzcation will yield but few 
of the advantages which it is calculated to 
afford, unless his studies are directed by a phi- 
losophical spirit, and the observation of physical 
expression rendered conducive to some moral 
Without the guidance of such 


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