Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Discourse to the Royal Academy in 17 94.- Observations on 
the Advantage of drawing the Human Figure correctly.- 
On the Propriety of cultivating the Eye, in order to enlarge 
the. Variety of our Pleasures derived from Objects of Sight. 
 On characteristic Distinctions in Art.  Illustrations 
drawn from the Apollo Belvidcre, and from the Venus de 
Medici; comprehending critical Remarks on those Statues. 
THE prizes in the Royal Academy being dis- 
tributed every second year, on the 10th of 
December, 1794, Mr. West delivered another 
Discourse, in which he took a more scientific 
view of the principles of the fine arts, than in 
the desultory observations which constituted 
the substance of his first lecture. As it con- 
tained much valuable information, mixed up with 
remarks incidental to the occasion, I have taken , 
the liberty of abstracting the professional in. 
struction from the less important matter", in 
order to give what deserves to be preserved


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