Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

" Religion itself; in the earlier, days of the 
world; would probably have failed in its progress 
without the arts of design, for religion was then 
emblematic; and what could an embleinatic 
theology do without the aid of the fine arts, and 
especially the art of sculpture ? Religion and 
the arts, in fact, sprung up together," were 
introduced by the same people, and went hand 
in hand, first through the continent of Asia, 
then through Egypt, nextthrough Greece and 
her colonies, and in process of time through 
every part of Italy, and even to the north of 
Europe. In the pagodas of India, in some 
cavernsof Media, and among various ruins in 
Persia, are still to be seen the early monuments" 
of emblematic art, and wrought in all the possible 
difliculties of skill. 
" When in the space of twp thousand years 
after the erection of some of those monuments, 
the fine arts came to be established in Greece 
ina better spirit as to taste, a higher estimatioht 
could not be annexed to any circumstance .in 
society, than was given to the arts by the wise 
and elegant inhabitants of that country. They 
regarded them as their public records, as the


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