Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

" A college of art founded in this part of the 
world cannot be expected, like a college of 
literqture, to lay before its young members all 
that may be necessary to complete their 
knowledge and taste. What is to be had from 
books may be obtained almost every where; 
but the books of instruction by which the artist 
alone can be perfected, are those great works 
which still remain immoveable in that part of 
theworld, where the fine arts in modern times 
have been carried to their highest degree of 
perfection. I trust a period will come, when 
this Academy will be able to send the young 
artist, not from one spot or one seminary to 
another, but to gather improvement from every 
celebrated work of art wherever situated. But 
the progress and all fhture success of 
must depend upon himself. He must be in love 
with his _art or he will never excel in it. 
" That the arts of design were among the 
first suggestions vouchsafed by Heaven to man- 
kind, is not a proposition at which any man 
needs to start. This truth is indeed manifested 
Whose Hrst essay is to make 
by every little child,


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