Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

interests of 
and with the fullest 
assurance of 
its truth, 
from the personal know- 
ledge I have had of you all, and the intimacy in 
which I have stood with most of you; it is this, 
that I have ever found you steadily determined 
to support the regulations under which this 
ACADEMY has been governed, and brought to its 
present conspicuous situation, and by an 
tion to which, we shall always be sure to 
go on 
and advantage. 
with the greatest prudence 
It is a matter of 
less satisfaction to me, 
when I say, that I have always observed your 
bosoms to glow with gratitude and loyal affection 
to our August Founder, Patron, and Benefactor. 
I am convinced, it is your wish to retain His 
friendship, and the friendship of every branch 
of His Illustrious Family. I know these to be 
your sentiments, and they are sentiments in 
which I participate with you. 'In every situ- 
ation of my life it shall be my invariable study 
to demonstrate my duty to my sovereign, my 
love for this Institution, and my zeal for the 
growth of uni- 
versal virtue."


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