Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

nourished them, an immbrtality of fame, which 
no other cireumstances have been aqually able. 
to perpetuate. For it is by those higher and 
mere refined excellences of painting, sculpture, 
and architecture, that Grecian and Roman. 
greatness are transmitted down to the age in 
which we live, as if it Was still in existence. 
Many centuries have elapsed since Greeks and 
Romans have been overthrown and dissolved as 
a people; but other nations, by whom similar 
refinements were not cultivated, are erased from 
the face oft the earth, Without leaving  any 
monument or vestige to give the demonstration 
that they" were ever great.     
" It may, therefore, be fairlylassumed, that 
an ACADEMY, whose objects and effects are so 
enlightened and extensive as those which are pro- 
secuted here, is highly worthy of the protection 
of a patriot-king, of a. digniiied nobility, and of 
a wise people.   
" Another circumstance, permit me, gentle-Q 
men, to mention, because I can speak of it with 
peculiar satisfaction, as -important to the best


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