Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

the honour of belonging to this body, will, 
nevertheless, enable us to maintain the accus- 
tomed brilliancy of our Exhibitions, and, con.-4 
sequently, to secure to us the approbation of a 
liberal and judicious public: 
" The Exhibitions are of the greatest import- 
ance to this Institution; and the Institution is 
become of great importance to the country.- 
Here ingenious youth are instructed in the 
art of design; and the instruction acquired in 
this place, has spread itself through the various 
manufactures of this country, to which it has- 
given a taste that is able to convert the most 
common and simple materials into-4 rare and 
valuable articles of commerce. Those articles 
the British merchant sends forth into all the 
quarters of the world, where they stand pre- 
eminent over the productions of other nations. 
" But important as this is, there is another 
consequence of a- more exalted. kind; I mean, 
the cultivating of  those higher excellences in 
refined art, which have never failed to secure- 
to nations, and tot the individua.lsA who have;


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