Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

you have raised me, as I am placed in succession 
after so eminent a character, whose exalted pro- 
fessional abilities, and very excellent discourses 
delivered under this roof; have secured a lastingt 
honor to this Institution 'and to the country : 
while his amiable dispositions, as a man, will 
make his loss to be long regretted by all who 
had the happiness to know him. 
" Hrs MAJESTY having been graciously 
pleased to approve and confirm the choice" 
which you have made of ine as your President, 
it becomes my duty, as far has my humble abili- 
ties will permit, to study and pursue whatever- 
may be the true interest, the prosperity, and 
the glory of this ACADEMY. In the pro. 
secution of this duty, I can make no doubt of 
success; when 'I reflect that all the departments" 
and classes of this Institution are filled with men 
of established professional reputation, selected 
from professors of the three great branches of 
art, which constitute the objects of your studies, 
and, when I see this union of abilities strength--A 
ened by many ingenious productions of other 
able artists, who, although they have not as yet 


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