Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

a debt of gratitude on the part of the Institution, 
to one who had essentially contributed to its 
formation, than a testimony of respect deserv-_ 
edly merited by the conduct and genius of the 
Artist who, when the compass, number, and 
variety of his pictures are considered, was, at 
that period, decidedly the greatest historical 
painter then living, Whohad been born a British- 
subject. This event, at once so honourable to 
his associates and himself, was confirmed bythe 
sanction of His Majesty on the 924.(tl1 of March, 
1792; on which occasion, on taking the chair, 
Mr. West addressed the Academicians to the 
following effect  
" The free and unsolicited choice with which 
you have calledme to {ill this chair, vacated by 
the death of that great chalfacter, Sir JOSHUA 
REYNOLDS, is so marked an instance of your 
friendship and good opinion, that it demands 
the immediate acknowledgment of my thanks, 
which I beg you to accept. 
to which


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