Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

part of the country, paid him a farewell visit, he 
took an opportunity of introducing the subject. 
The warm imagination of the Preacher eagerly 
sympathised with the feelings of his friend. He 
took him by the hand, and, with emphatic solem- 
nity, said that a child sent into the world under 
such remarkable circumstances would prove no 
ordinary man; and he charged him to watch 
over the boy's character with the utmost degree 
of paternal solicitude. It will appear in the 
sequel, that this singular admonition was not lost 
IX. The Hrst six years of Benjamin's life 
passed away in calm uniformity; leaving only 
the placid remembrance of enjoyment. In the 
month of June 1745, one of his sisters, who had 
been married some time before, and who had a 
daughter, came with her infant to spend a few 
days at her father's. When the child was asleep 
in the cradle, Mrs. West invited her daughter to 
gather flowers in the garden, and committed the 
infant to the care of Benjamin during their 
absence; giving him a fan to Hap away the Hies 
fmm molesting his little charge. After some time


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