Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Garter, the late Marquis of Buckingham offeiled 
Several suggestions, which were adopted; and 
on His Lordship mentioning to the King that 
Mr. West was descended of nthe Delawarre 
family, the head of which bore a distinguished 
part in the great events of that time, His 
Majesty ordered Mr. West to insert his own 
portrait among the spectators represented in the 
gallery, and immediately over the shield bearing 
the arms of the Earl of Delawarre. Mr. West 
himself was not, at that period, acquainted with 
the descent of his pedigree; but it happened 
in a conversation one day with Lord Bucking- 
ham, that His Lordship enquired from what part 
of England his family had been originally, and 
upon Mr. West telling him, His Lordship said, 
that the land which his ancestors had formerly 
possessed was become his by purchase; and that 
the Wests of Long Crandon were sprung from 
the ancient Earls of Delawarre. 
But, except the historical information re- 
quired for his pictures, in which he was inde- 
fatigable; until master of all that -could be 
obtained, Mr. West, following the -Pearly and


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