Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

more circumstantial information 1'6SpECting some 
(important events than was furnished by the 
oHicialcha11nels. I do not consider myself at 
liberty, nor this a iit place, to enter upon 
subjects so little in unison with the arts of 
peace, or the noiseless tenour of -an artist's life; 
but, among other curious matters that may be 
thrown out for the investigation of the future 
historian, is an opinion which prevailed among 
some -of the best informed in America, that 
when General Washington was appointed to the 
supreme command of the army, it was with the 
view and intention of effecting a reconciliation 
between the two countries. A communication 
"to this purpose is said to have been made by 
that illustrious man, which communication was 
never answered, nor ever laid Formally before 
the Privy Council, at least not until more than 
six weeks after it had been received, and then 
it was too late. America was lost; and millions 
spent, and thousands sacrificed afterwards in 
vain. Whether, indeed, the King ever did 
know the whole affair, may be doubted. 
Mr. West, 


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