Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

the young man, or rather the devil, who was in 
him, does see if. On all similar occasions, those 
fallen angels know the Christ, and acknowledge 
him. The other figures are agitated with 
astonislument and terror, varihusly and dis- 
tinctly expressed in every one of them, at 
sight of the effect which they see is made upon 
him by some object which they do not see. 
This is the sublime imagination, by which the 
lower part of the picture is connected with the 
18th July, 
But although it must be confessed that this 
comment is exceedingly ingenious, in so far as 
it explains the painte1"s design in representing 
the demoniac boy, as the connecting link 
between the action on the Mount, and the 
groupe at the foot of it; yet, upon an examin. 
ation of the picture, it will be found that it 
does not exhibit the Ascension, but the Trans- 
figuration ; and I beg leave to refer to a letter, 
from my friend Mr. M'Gi11ivra'y, in the Appen-


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