Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

support them ; let us not look at the land of 
blasphemies; for in the crashing of engines, the 
gushing of blood, and the shrieking of witnesses 
more to be pitied than the victims, the activity 
of God's purifying displeasure will be heard; 
while turning our eyes towards the mountains of 
this New Woi'ld, the forests shall be seen fading 
away, cities rising along the shores, and the ter- 
rified nations of Europe flying out of the smoke 
and the burning to find refuge here."-All his 
auditors were deeply affected, particularly Mrs. 
VVest, who was taken with the pains of labour on 
the spot. The meeting Was broken up; the W0- 
men made a circle round her as they carried her 
home, and such was the agitation into which she 
was thrown, that the consequences had nearly 
proved fatal both to the mother and the infant. 
VIII. This occurrence naturally excited much 
attention, and became the subject of general con- 
versation. It made a deep impression on the mind 
of-Mr. West, who could not divest himself of a 
feeling that it indicated something extraordinary 
in the future fortunes of his child; and when 
Peckover, soon afterwards, on his leaving that


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