Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

author. The Marquis smiled, and said, " No, 
no: I am not equal to Junius: I could not be 
the author; but the grounds of secrecy are now 
so far removed by death, and changes of cir- 
cumstances, that it is unnecessary the author of 
Junius should much longer be unknown. The 
world are curious about him; and I could make 
a very interesting publication on the subject. 
I knew Junius; and I knew all about the writ- 
ing and production of those letters. But look 
at my own condition now: I don't think I can 
live another week: my legs, my strength, tell 
me so; but the doctors, who always flatter sick 
men, assure me I am in no immediate danger. 
They order me into the country, and I am 
going there. If I live over the summer, which, 
however, I do not expect, I promise you a very 
interesting pamphlet about Junius. I will put 
my name to it: I will set that question at rest 
for ever." 
Sir Richard looked at the swollen limbs A-and 
other symptoms threatening -the dissolution of 
this distinguished nobleman; and, convinced 
that he Was, in truth, never likely to see him


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