Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

which M'Lean had employed against him. 
Mr. West then informed the Governor, that 
M'Lean was in this country, and that he Was 
personally acquainted with him. " He came 
over," said Mr. West, " with Colonel Barry, by 
whom he was introduced to Lord Shelburn, 
(afterwards Marquis of La.nsdowne,) _a.nd is 
at present private secretary to His Lordship." 
Throughout the progress of the controversy 
with Junius, Hamilton remained firm in his 
opinion, that the author was no other than the 
same Lachlan M'Lean, but at the literary club 
the general opinion ascribed the letters for some 
time to Samuel Dyer. The sequel of this anec- 
dote is curious. M'Lean, owing to a great im- 
pediment in his utterance, never made any figure 
in conversation; and passed with most people 
as a person of no particular attainments. But 
when Lord Shelburn came into oflice, he was 
appointed Under Secretary of State, and sub- 
sequently nominated to a Governorship in India: 
a rapidity of promotion to a man without family 
or parliamentary interest, that can only be 
explained by a profound conviction, on the part


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