Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

with the 
singular question respecting the 
author of the celebrated letters of 
Junius. On the morning that the first of these 
famous invectives appeared, his friend Governbr 
Hamilton happened to call, and enquiring 
the news, Mr. West informed him of that bold 
and daring epistle: ringing for his servant at 
the same time, he desired the newspaper to be 
brought in. Hamilton read it over with great 
attention, and when he had done, laid it on his 
knees, in a manner that particularly attracted 
the notice of the painter, who was standing 
at his easel. " This letter," said Hamilton, in a 
tone of vehement feeling, "is by that damned 
scoundrel M'Lean." _ " What M'Lean P" 
enquired Mr. West.-" The surgeon of Otway's 
regiment : the fellow who attacked me so viru- 
lently in the Philadelphian newspaper, on 
account of the part I felt it my duty to take, 
against one of the officers, a captain, for a 
scandalous breach of the privileges of hos- 
pitality, in- seducing the wife of a very respect- 
able man. This letter is by him. I know these 
very words: I may well remember them," 
and he read over several phrases and sentences


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