Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Singular Anecdote respecting the Author qf the Letters qf 
Junius.- Of Lachlan M'Lean.-- Anecdote qf the Duke 
qf Grafton.-- Of the Marquis qf Lansdowne.- Of Sir 
Philip Francis; Critique on the Trangjiguration qf 
Raphael by Sir Philip Francis, and Objections to his 
BY the eminent station which Mr. West has 
so long held among the artists, and admirers 
of the fine arts, in this country, he became 
personally acquainted with almost every 
literary man of celebrity; and being for 
many years a general visitor at the literary 
club, immortalised as the haunt of Johnson, 
Burke, Garrick, Goldsmith, and Reynolds, he" 
acquired, without particularlyattending to the 
.literature of the day, an extensive acquaintance 
with the principal topics which, from time to 
time, engaged the attention of men of letters. 
 An incident, however, of a curious nature, 
has brought him to be a party, in some degree,


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