Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

thoxoughly; and appointed a particular day for 
them to report to him the iesult of their inves- 
tigation: presenting to them, at the same time, 
a paper, containing a list of thirty-five subjects 
which he had formed with the Artist, for the 
decorations of the intended chapel. 
On the day appointed, Mr. West again met 
those eminent members of the hierarchy in the 
royal presence: when Dr. Hurd reported to His 
Majesty, that they hadvery seriously considered 
the important business which had been confided 
to them; that, having bestowed on it their 
gravest attention, they were unanimously of 
opinion, that the introduction of paintings into 
the chapel, which His Majesty intended to erect, 
Would, in no respect whatever, violate the laws 
or usages of the Church of England ;s and that, 
having examined the list of subjects, which he 
proposed should constitute the decorations, there 
Was not one of them, but, which properly treated, 
even a Quaker might contemplate with edifica- 
tion. This inadvertent observation attracted 
the King's attention; and he said, that the 
Quakers were a body of Christians for whom he 
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