Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

 to be the Usage, if not the law, 
relative to the case; prevented him for some 
time from taking any decisive step. In the 
course of different conversetiohs with Mr. West; 
on this subject, he formed the design of erect- 
ing a magnificent oratory, or private chapel, in I 
the Horns' Court of Windsor-Castle, for the ' 
purpose of displaying a pictorial illustration of 
the history of revealed religion. But, before 
engaging in this superb project, he thought it 
necessary to consult some eminent members of 
the Church, who enjoyed his confidence, as to 
the propriety of the design. Accordingly, he 
desired Mr. VVest to draw up a list of subjects 
from the Bible, susceptible of pictorial repre- 
sentation, which Christians, of all denominations, 
might contemplate without oifence to their 
tenets; and he invited Dr. Hurd, afterwards 
Bishop of Worcester, Dr. Douglas, Bishop of 
Salisbury, the Dean of Windsor, and several 
Other dignitaries, along with the Artist, to con- 
sider the business. He explained to the meet- 
ling his scruples, declaring that he did not, in a 
matter of this kind, owing to his high station in 
the state, feel himself a free agent; that he was


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