Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

sacrificed ? 
place, and the parties engaged in the event; 
and if I am not able to dispose of the circum_ 
stances in a picturesque manner, no academical 
distribution of  Greek or Roman, costume Will 
enable me to do justice to the subject. How- 
ever, without insisting upon principles to which 
I intend to adhere, I feel myself so profoundly 
impressed with the friendship of this inter- 
ference, that when the picture is finished, if you 
do not approve of it, I will consign it to the 
closet, Whatever may be my own opinion of the 
execution. They soon aftei" took their leave, 
and in due time I called on the Archbishop, and 
fixed a day with him to come with Reynolds to 
see the painting. They came accordingly, and 
the latter without speaking, after his first cur- 
sory glance, seated himself before the picture, 
and examined it with deep and minute attention 
for about half an hour. 
He then rose, 
and said 
to His Grace, Mr. West has conquered. He 
has treated his subject as it ought to be treated. 
1 retract my objections against the introduction 
of any other circumstances into historical pic- 
tures than those which are requisite and appro-


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