Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

my house. For His Grace was apprehensive 
that, by persevering in my intention, I might 
lose some portion 01' the reputation which he 
was pleased tQ slink .I had acquired by his 
picture of Agrippina, and Your Majesty's of 
Regulus; and he was anxious to avert the 
misfortuzle by his friendly interposition. He 
infomled me of the object of their visit, and 
that Reynolds wished to dissuade me from 
running so great a risk. I could not but feel 
highly gratiiied by so much solicitude, and 
acknowledged myself ready to attend to what- 
ever Reynolds had to say, and even to adopt 
his advice, if it appeared to me founded on any 
proper principles. Reynolds then began a very 
ingenious and elegant dissertation on the state 
of the public taste in this country, and the 
danger which every attempt at innovation 
necessarily incurred of repulse or ridicule; 
and he concluded with urging me earnestly to 
adopt the classic costume of antiquity, as much 
more becoming the inherent greatness of my 
subject than the modern garb of War. I 
listened to him with the utmost attention in my 
power to give, 


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