Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

with suitable subjects to fill the unoccupied 
pannels of the room in which the two pictures 
were then placed. 
About this period, Mr. West had finished his 
Death of Wolfe, which excited a great sensation, 
 both on account of its general merits as a work 
of art, and for representing the characters in 
the modern military costume. The King men- 
tioned that he heard much of the picture, but 
he was informed that the dignity of the subject 
had been impaired by the latter circumstance ; 
observing that it was thought very ridiculous to 
exhibit heroes in coats, breeches, and cock'd hats. 
The Artist replied, that he was quite aware of 
the objection, but that it was founded in pre- 
judice, adding, with His Majesty's permission, 
he would relate an anecdote connected with that 
particular point. 
" When it was understood that I intended to 
paint the characters as they had actually ap- 
peared in the scene, the Archbishop of York 
called on Reynolds and asked his oplnion, the 
result of which was that they came together to


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