Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

T he opening of the Royal Academy.- The Death of General 
Wolfe.  Anecdote of Sir Joshua Reynolds.  New Pic"- 
tures ordered by tlze King.  Origin of the Series qf 
- Historical Pictures painted jbr Windsor Castle. --Design 
for a grand Chapel in Windsor Castle, to illustrate the 
History of revealed Religion.-- His Majesty's Samples on 
the SuIy'ect.- His confidential Consultation with several 
eminent Di-vines.  The Design undertaken. 
XVHEN the Academy was opened, the appro- 
bation which the Regulus received at the 
exhibition gratified the King, and he resolved 
to give Mr. West still farther encouragement. 
Accordingly, he soon after sent for him, and 
mentioned that he wished him to paint another 
picture, and that the subject he had chosen 
was H-iamilcar making his son Hannibal swear 
implacable enmity against the Romans. The 
painting being finished it was carried to Buck_ 
ingham-house, and His Majesty, after looking 
at itwith visible satisfaction, said, that he thought 
Mr. West could not do better than provide him


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