Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

In the evening, at the usual hour, Mr. West 
went to take tea with Reynolds, before going to 
the meeting, and it so fell out, either from 
design or accident, that it was not served till a 
full hour later than common, not indeed till 
the hour fixed for the artists to assemble at 
Wi1ton's, so that, by the time they arrived 
there, the meeting was onthe point of breaking 
up, conceiving that as neither Reynolds nor 
West had come, something unexpected and 
extraordinary must have happened. But on their  
appearing, a burst of satisfaction manifested 
the anxiety that had been felt, and without any 
farther delay the company proceeded to carry 
into effect the wishes of the King. The code 
of laws was read, and the gentlemen recom- 
mended by the King to {ill the different oflices 
being declared the officers, the code of laws 
was accepted. Reynolds was declared president, 
Chambers treasurer, Newton secretary, Moser 
X keeper, Penny professor of painting, Wale 
professor of perspective, and Dr. William 
Hunter professor of anatomy. A report of the 
proceedings was made to His Majesty next; 
morning, who gave his sanction to the election,


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