Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

ought-to have been made by him." The King 
appeared a good deal surprised at all this, but 
replied in an easy good-humoured way, " Kirby, 
whenever you are able to paint me a picture 
like this, your friend shall make the frame." 
The unhappy man, however, could not be re- 
strained, and he turned round to Mr. West, and 
in a tone which greatly lessened the compli- 
ment the words would otherwise have conveyed, 
said, " I hope you intend to exhibit this pic- 
ture." The Artist answered, that as it was 
painted for His Majesty, the exhibition must 
depend on his pleasure; but that, before re- 
tiring, it was his intention to ask permission for 
that purpose. The King immediately said, "As- 
suredly I shall be very happy to let the work be 
shown to the public."  _Then, Mr. West," 
added Kirby, "l you will send it to my exhi- 
bition," (meaning to the exhibition of the Incor- 
porated Artists). " No," interposed the King, 
firmly, " it must go to my exhibition, -to the 
Royal Academy." Poor Kirby was thunder- 
struck; but only two nights before, in the 
confidence of his intercourse with the King, he 
had declared that even the design of forming 


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