Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

Stance be omitted; he was particularly anxious 
that the whole design should be kept a pro- 
found secret, being apprehensive that it might 
be converted into some vehicle of political- 
In the mean time the picture of the Departure 
of Regulus was going forward, and it was finish ed 
about the time 
academy was completed. 
artists were also busy, and 
The incorporated 
had elected as their 
president Mr. Kirby, who had been preceptor in 
perspective to the King, and who had deservedly 
gained great celebrity by his treatise on the 
principles of that branch of art. Kirby, having- 
free access to the royal presence, and never 
hearing from His Majesty any thing respecting 
the academy, was so satisfied in his own mind 
that the rumours, respecting such an institution 
being intended, were untrue, that, in his in- 
augural address fi'01n the chair, he assured the- 
incorporated artists there was not the slightest 
intention entertained of establishing a Royal? 
Academy of Art.


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