Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

 In consequence of this information, on the 
clay following, Mr. West resolved to visit the 
Gardens; and, in going along Piccadilly with 
that intention, bought a pair of skates, which, 
on reaching the margin of the ice, he put on. 
After a few trial-movements on the skirts of the 
basin, like a musician tuning his violin before 
attempting a regular piece of composition, he 
dashed off into the middle of the company, and 
perf'o1'm_ed several rounds in the same style 
which he had. often practised in America. 
While engaged in this manner, a gentleman 
called to him by name; and, on stopping, he 
found it was his old acquaintance Colonel 
The Colonel immediately came up, and ex- 
claimed, " Mr. West, I am truly glad to see you 
in this country, and at this time. I have not 
heard of you since We parted on the wharf at 
Philadelphia, when you sailed for Italy; but I 
have often since had occasion to recollect you. 
I am, therefore, particularly glad to see you 
here, and on the ice; for you must know that, 
in speaking of the American skaters, it has


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