Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

shall paint it for me  and, ringing the bell in 
the same moment, ordered the attendant who 
answered to bring the volume of Livy in which 
the event is related, observing to the Queen, in 
a sprightly manner, that the Archbishop had 
made one of his sons read to Mr. West; but 
" I will read to him myself the subject of my 
picture  which, on the return of the servant 
with the book, he did accordingly. And the 
Artist was commanded to come with the sketch 
as soon as possible. 
The Archbishop was highly delighted at the 
successful result of his scheme, and augured 
from the event the happiest influence to the 
progress of the arts; nor has his patriotic antici- 
pations been unrewarded; for, without question, 
so great and soeminent a taste for the fine arts 
as that which has been diffused throughout the 
nation, during the reign of George the Third, 
was never before produced in the life-time of 
one monarch, in any age or country. 
 Buj: in relating the diff'erent 
contributed to bring Mr. West 
incidents which 
into favourable


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