Volltext: The life, studies and works of Benjamin West, Esq. president of The Royal Academy of London

At the time appointed, Mr. West was in 
attendance with the picture; and His Majesty 
came into the room where he was waiting. 
After looking at it some time vvith much appa- 
rentisatisfaction, he enquired if it was in a 
proper light; and, on being told that the situa- 
tion was .certainly not the most advantageous, 
he conducted the Artist through several apart- 
ments himseli; till a more satisfactory place was 
found. He then called several of the domestics 
into the room, and, indeed, assisted them himself 
to remove the picture. When the servants had 
retired, and he had satisfied himself with look- 
ing at it, he went out of the apartment and 
brought in the Queen, to whom he introduced 
the Artist with so much warmth, that Mr. West 
felt it at the moment as something that might 
be described as friendliness.  
The Queen, though at thisperiod very young, 
possessed a natural graciousness of manner,- 
which her good sense and the consciousness of 
her dignity rendered peculiarlypleasing; so 
that our Artist Was not only highlygratified by 
the unexpected honour of this distinguished 


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